The Scourge of Tinted Windows

Tinted car windows aren’t all bad. Our Highlander has them on the rear side windows, improving comfort and privacy. But tinted front windows are a real annoyance for me as someone not in that car. I don’t recall them being as common as they are now. The specific problems this causes:

  1. I can’t see hand signals. It is common for folks to try to be courteous and signal to convey “you go” somehow. If I can’t see the person, I must try to infer that (e.g., they’re sitting for a long time when it should be their turn). Confusion is dangerous.
  2. I can’t make eye contact. When I’m walking, especially with the kids, I always want to make eye contact with the driver before crossing in front of them. This can be difficult or impossible even with minor window tint depending on the lighting, which makes crossing really nerve-wracking. For all I know, they could be looking at their phone, didn’t see us, and are about to look up and step on the gas.
  3. It is awkward when neighbors pass, and I feel compelled to either wave unconditionally or try to avert eye contact because I have no idea what they’re doing.