Anki - Workload Management

I’ve been [using Anki a lot more recently]({% post_url 2022-01-02-anki %}). Previously I was using it with very small decks, and I viewed the scheduling only from the lense of how well I remembered stuff. But as I use it with the kids at high volume, I’m seeing to power of it to manage a workload.

One of the decks we use has over 4000 cards in it. How does one tackle that, and how do you pace yourself? With Anki I’ve found that tuning the limits on the number of new and review cards quickly let us settle on a daily workload that was about right. And with accurate scoring into Anki (i.e. correctly answer its “how did you do?” question), we’re making good progress through that 4000. New cards every day, super easy cards are now up to 2 months away so we’re not wasting time, and problem cards are recurring every few days.

This shouldn’t be a revelation as it is sort of the fundamental aspect of space-repetition, but I have a new appreciation for it.