And Suddenly My Best Phone Is Junk

I bought the Nexus 4 shortly after it came out. I’d been living through a few bad years of the HTC Thunderbolt, which was probably the worst phone I’ve owned. Aside from being a bad phone, Verizon was extremely slow about updates for that device. I recall waiting over a year just for Android 4.0. Making a break from Verizon to a Nexus device sounded great, and having only consumed a few reviews of the Nexus 4, I made the leap.

It has been great, or at least very good. Yeah the camera is pretty much crap, and the lack of SD is annoying at times, but I don’t care. The phone is snappy, feels and looks good, and gets those wonderful, wonderful software updates oh so quickly. Combined with a sweet $30/month unlimited data T-Mobile plan, it’s been a excellent setup.

About those wonderful Android updates… Wonderful does not mean:

  1. Phone slows waaaay down
  2. Phone locks up randomly, multiple times daily, requiring hard reboots
  3. Bluetooth doesn’t work reliably
  4. Marquee new “Smart Lock” feature only occasionally works
  5. Phone can’t do phone things, like make/receive calls. (Seems I’m not the only one experiencing this.)

If I could just reduce the battery life to about 4 hours I’d have me a Thunderbolt all over again!

Android Lollipop is, in it current state, a huge disappoint for me, and a growing source of frustration. I have fears that Google may consider the Nexus 4 obsolete, as they do this Nexus 4 bug. But it’s not obsolete to me by a long shot. Overall it worked great, and should still be working great. I don’t want to even contemplate a new phone, nor do I have the time, patience, interest or energy to be reinstalling old images, non-stock ROMs, etc.

So please, Google, fix your damn software already.