Yet Another Todo List

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about writing a todo application. Over the years I’ve used tons of them (who hasn’t), and I’ve formed my opinions about features, behaviors, appearances and architectures for this class of application. Now I want to roll my own.

This is supposed to be a fun project that will hopefully be a useful project. Because it’s by me, for me, and controlled by me, I have thought about how much time will be spent tweaking the system instead of letting the system help me get stuff done. I’m not worried about that though, because I’m always going to tweaking whatever system I’m using at the time–no question. My hope is that my time is better spent improving a product of my own, rather that using that time evaluating others’ work and coming up with schemes to plug things together, move data to and fro, and otherwise smooth things out. It’s a chance to explore new technology, try out UI patterns for real (by using them daily), and hopefully build a thing that is, above all, something I’m happy with.

More to come on this topic.