Brokenmold: A New Hope

My first post to this blog was a little over a year ago. I had hoped to post much more during the year, but that clearly didn’t happen. After reviewing things, I decided the only way to fix them was to change the blogging software. OK, not really. I’ll do no retrospective other than to say that post frequency was less than I wanted.

But, I did change the blogging software! Here are a few reasons why the new setup should be no worse than the previous one:

  • Hosting on Github instead of my own VPS is just a little bit easier (barely).
  • The ability to create and edit files on Github is pretty nice, especially for this bloggy-type stuff. Fullscreen dark mode editing, combined with their Markdown previewer, is better than my Vim environment of 2014.

I plan to do little in the way of customization of this thing, though I’ll probably nudge it off of the Jekyll defaults (like, maybe, changing the footer to say something other than “Write an awesome description for your new site…)

And that’s it.