Introducing Telix

A few months ago I started a side project. A few days ago I actually got the thing working in the most basic ways. It is a web application and I plan to launch it as a low cost (but > $0) service. I have a lot more work ahead of me and plan to chronicle issues here. I’m keeping the details wrapped up for the time being, but I’ll say this much:

  • I plan a web app only (no native clients)
  • There will be a fairly heavy JS client. Right now that is written in Backbone , but I’m currently evaluating a shift to AngularJS .
  • There’s significant server-side component. I’m writing it in NodeJS atop MySQL (today) or perhaps Postgres if there is a good reason to move. There is also a fair bit of processing outside of the webapp processes that will be done in Python.
  • I’ve never used redis, but is looks like it could fit well into this project to alleviated the write-pounding on the database

The working name for the project is “Telix”, a throwback to some of my earliest hacking days when I lived within the Telix dial-up program (last stable release, 17 years ago ;-).