Server and a Movie

After a couple hours of fun messing with ansible and node deployments, I think the rest of Friday night would be better spent watching Grave of the Fireflies. According to reviews, I should be a wreck in 90 minutes. Update: yeah, it was depressing.

Two zsh features that are usually helpful but sometimes not: globbing, and autocorrect. They’re easily disabled or restricted. Globbing can be a nuisance with some commands. For example, Octopress offers a host of useful rake tasks such as: rake new_post["Disabling some zsh helpers"] zsh will apply expansion rules to this command causing it to fail. To disable globbing for a single command, prefix with it noglob. Or make an alias for a command you never want to use with globbing:

I use splinter to automate downloading information from banks and brokerages. It works well. Those sites are usual horribly designed, outdated, and a royal pain to navigate. Suffering through the one-time process of developing a script to automated dealing with them is well worth it. Usually the script development is simply done by inspecting DOM element ids or names. But some of these bank sites are so bad, you’re left with trying to send a click event to an image buried in a table with little in the way of navigation helpers.

In 2005 I started a blog. I was taken in by the platform (though quickly moved to Wordpress) and the surge in personal blogs, and it coincided with our big move to New Zealand. The point of that blog was to document and share our overseas adventure, mainly with friends and family. By all accounts that worked well. People liked reading the blog, often left comments, and I very much like having a diary of those years.